5 ecommerce tips for your online store today

5 quick e-commerce tips for you to implement on you online store today.

Free Delivery:

Every tom dick and harry are doing it but should you? If you’ve tight margins think twice about giving away free delivery just because everyone is doing it. If you can afford to give Free Delivery then make the most of it and promote it effectively. Firstly, start with your advertising campaigns, make sure FREE Delivery is included in your ads. Include FREE Delivery on your PPC campaigns to improve your click through rates, you should also put it in your page Titles or Meta descriptions as this will improve the CTR of natural search results. On your online store promote it on your header, in product detail page, delivery information page and all the way through to check out. In the checkout, instead of showing the user 0.00 delivery charge test displaying the word FREE in green and see if it improves your conversion rate on the the payment page.


Update your Delivery and Returns page

The delivery and returns page are two of the most clicked page on your site by users who have a real purchase intent. At this stage the customer is further down the buying cycle and is close to making a decision as to whether or not they want to buy on your online store. Ensure these pages are crystal clear and well laid out. You need to find a balance between detailed content such as delivery charges for each state or country and making it easy to read. Dive right in and write down every piece of relevant delivery information and then work on refining and optimizing it. The same is true for your returns page. Ensure you give the customer all the information they need and address every concern a shopper may have to convert the shopper.

Secure Store Information

Give confidence to your online shopper by displaying your ssl secured by badge on your site pages. Users generally expect these icons on the footer of your page and on checkout pages. Check that the security badges click to the correct SSL certificate information. If there’s been any recent site changes to your checkout pages it goes without saying that these should be tested. Check that all assets on the page are secure and that secure pages don’t contain insecure items. for example, if you have a graphic which is hosted on a non-secured server and embed this graphic on a secure page the secure page will show an error message. This is especially true in IE where a pop-up occurs informing users that there’s insecure items on this page! Needless to say you should test your cart on a daily basis

Contact Number

Display your contact number in your online stores header. A contact number on your online store will create confidence with the customer because they have peace of mind that they can speak to a real person if they need to.

About us page.

Update your about page. If someone hasn’t purchased from you before or have no idea about your business they’ll look for more information about your store.