5 Tools and Resources to Improve your Conversion Rates

Traffic + Conversion = Sales…. making sales online is a sinch right? if only this was true.

You’ve worked hard and have invested in advertising campaigns to get more traffic to your site. Now it’s just a matter of converting. To help you along the way here are 5 tools and resources to get you started along that long road to conversion.

5 Tools for Conversion Rate Optimization

  1. Google Analytics – this should be the first package you install on your website, within the last few months you can now see real time data.
  2. Crazy Egg – shows you where people are clicking most on your site
  3. Google Website Optimizer – run some AB testing to see which page or elements perform best.
  4. Click Tale – Records a video of a user mouse movements while they browses your website. very cool..
  5. Usertesting.com - a cost effective way of performing qualitative tests to see where users are getting stuch


5 Resources for Conversion Rate Optimization

  1. Google Conversion Room
  2. Conversion Rate Experts
  3. Kaurshiknet
  4. Widerfunnel.com
  5. Kissmetrics blog